ICIS Radio System Plays Key Role in Locating Missing Juvenile

On October 19, 2011 a 14 yr old special needs autistic child walked away from Bob Hope Airport when an aircraft that he had boarded had to deplane passengers due to a mechanical problem. When the child's mother was contacted by the airlines looking for the child, the mother contacted Airport police. The investigation revealed that the youth was possibly enroute to West Hollywood. The news media was contacted and the child’s photo and pertinent information regarding the case were provided for immediate broadcast by the media.

A massive land and air search was initiated by Bob Hope Airport Police and Burbank Police. Five hours into the search Chief Edward Skvarna and Federal Air Marshall Danny Turner decided to drive copies of the missing person flyer to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station as there was a technical difficulty emailing the flyers to the Watch Commander at West Hollywood Station.

As Chief Skvarna and Danny Turner were speaking with the West Hollywood Watch Commander and delivering the flyers, Chief Skvarna received a cell phone call from Commander Al Yarbrough who was the Incident Commander and at the Command Post with Burbank PD units. Yarbrough informed Chief Skvarna that Burbank PD dispatch had just broadcast that citizens were in foot pursuit of our missing juvenile in the area of San Vincente and Santa Monica in West Hollywood. A bar manager had received a news alert on his Smartphone with the missing child’s photo and specifics. The manager realized the juvenile was in his establishment and confronted the juvenile. The missing juvenile ran from the contact with the Bar manager in hot pursuit. The Bar Manager called Burbank Police Dispatch and told them that he was chasing the missing juvenile in the vicinity of San Vincente and Santa Monica Blvd.

Since the Sheriff’s Station of West Hollywood is located at San Vincente and Santa Monica Blvd, Skvarna and Turner exited the station, switched to the Burbank PD dispatch frequency on their ICIS portable radios, advised Burbank PD dispatch that they were on scene at San Vincente and Santa Monica, and requested the most current info regarding the whereabouts of the juvenile. Burbank Dispatch advised the child had run into a pizza parlor on Santa Monica Blvd near San Vincente and was still inside. Skvarna and Turner checked the nearest pizza parlor with no luck, and ran to another nearby pizza parlor (Pizza Rustica) where they contacted the juvenile. Skvarna and Turner were the first law enforcement officers on scene and took custody of the child.

In the public safety business seconds mean the difference between locating a critical missing child who was on the move and not locating the child. In this case the ICIS radio being carried by Chief Skvarna was instantly able to communicate with Burbank PD Dispatch while roaming on the Beverly Hills ICIS site, and Skvarna and Turner were directed to the location of the juvenile. The juvenile was recovered prior to darkness setting in, which was the goal of the Bob Hope Airport Police Department.

The Bob Hope Airport Safety Services (Police, Fire and Operations) carry ICIS capable radios. The Bob Hope Airport is a subscriber of ICIS Services from the City of Burbank who is a member of the ICIS JPA. This arrangement gives the Bob Hope Airport all of the capability of the ICIS Radio System with a much reduced price tag. These radios are force multipliers as they allow the Bob Hope Airport Police, Fire and Operations Departments to work more effectively with fewer personnel.


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