ICIS Moves Toward Project 25

The ICIS Radio System has taken a step toward the Project 25 standard for public safety communications networks with the installation of a new master site to manage network operations. This new suite of equipment will provide the cornerstone for an elegant migration to a Project 25 network and will provide opportunities for agencies looking to build “P25” networks to become part of the ICIS system.

ICIS has been working closely with Motorola to develop a phased migration plan for its SmartZone network to the P25 standard. The fruition of the SmartX solution that allows this migration was largely a product of the cooperative work between ICIS and Motorola. The deployment of this technology on a live network marks a milestone for both ICIS and for Motorola.

“With the new master site in place, ICIS is poised to move forward with a phased migration to P25” says ICIS Executive Director Don Wright. “We are also able to incorporate new console technology, add P25 system components and better serve our member agencies with a master site that is refreshed and ready for the future”.

"We celebrate this great milestone with ICIS as the first customer to deploy ASTRO 25 with SmartX on a live system," said Bob Schassler, Motorola senior vice president, Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “Through the cooperation and great teamwork between Motorola and ICIS we have proven that SmartX can be deployed with minimal impact to first responders. ASTRO 25 provides a future-proof platform that allows ICIS to gradually bring Project 25 solutions to its users."

Motorola's SmartX migration solution allows for the gradual transition from an existing SmartZone® system to an ASTRO® 25 voice and data network. An ASTRO 25 system with SmartX supports both Project 25 (P25) sites and SmartZone sites, allowing a combination of analog and P25 digital radios to operate on the network for enhanced interoperability and flexibility. ASTRO 25 with SmartX enables agencies to gradually expand, upgrade or replace with Project 25 RF sites, consoles and subscribers.

Looking forward, the ICIS network member agencies will now be able to determine the appropriate time to invest in network upgrades to bring each individual site up to P25 standards. One aspect of the discussions with Motorola about P25 migration was the ability of the infrastructure to be migrated to P25 utilizing as much of the existing equipment as possible. “Each member agency will be able to determine the appropriate time to invest in the upgrade. This would not have been possible without the development of ASTRO 25 with the SmartX technology,” according to Wright.

The ICIS network consists of individual municipal radio systems linked together to create a wide area communications system shared by more than 20 agencies, serving more than 1 million citizen in the greater Los Angeles area. Additional information is available by contacting the ICIS Executive Director, Don Wright, at dwright@ci.glendale.ca.us.