ICIS Demonstrates System for Congresswoman Laura Richardson

On Wednesday, November 9, the ICIS Joint Powers Authority hosted Congresswoman Laura Richardson of California’s 37th district at an informational presentation in Beverly Hills. The event included a wide ranging discussion on interoperability, municipal communications systems, emergency response and Federal initiatives in place to assist local responders.

As the meeting was winding down, ICIS agencies participated in a roll call of users on the ICIS radio system. This demonstrated the wide area coverage of the system as well as the diverse user base of the ICIS agencies. As expected, the coverage and clarity were very impressive. Also participating in the event were Councilmember Andrew Weissman, Bob Hope Airport Police Chief Ed Skvarna and public safety first responders from throughout the region.

At the conclusion of the demonstration of the network, the congresswoman took to the airwaves. “To be the ranking member of Emergency Preparedness and Response, I’m amazed at the system you have been able to put together with the limited resources that you have” she said. She went on to pledge her support for the continuance of the ICIS initiative. “Count me in now as a fully sworn supporter and I intend to do whatever we need to do to keep this going. Congratulations, you guys are doing a great job.”

Thank you Congresswoman Richardson for participating in this event!

The complete recording of the demonstration can be found by clicking here. (WAV audio file - there may be a significant load time)